Arvin Jagayat

Arvin Jagayat joined the SPP Lab in the fall of 2015, after completing his Specialized Honours BSc in Psychology at York University. Broadly, his research focuses on intergroup attitudes and political behaviour in online contexts. Arvin is interested in investigating how the design elements of Internet- and technology-enabled social spaces impact our attitudes and interactions; as well as how they can be modified to promote more positive social outcomes.

His SSHRC-funded Master’s thesis looked at identifying the ideological and threat-based predictors of support for and engagement in cyber-violence against women and girls (Jagayat & Choma, in prep). Arvin’s PhD dissertation will be evaluating whether impression management processes can be leveraged to reduce the sharing of false news on social media. In the process of doing this, Arvin is developing a new way to experimentally test design changes to and collect detailed behavioural data on social media in ecologically-valid contexts. Learn more about the Mock Social Media Website Project here.

Twitter: @rvinsroom

Select papers:

Choma, B.L., Hodson, G., Jagayat, A., & Hoffarth, M. (in press). Right-wing ideology as a predictor of collective action: A test across four political issue domains. Political Psychology.

Choma, B.L., Jagayat, A., Hodson, G., & Turner, R. (2018). Prejudice in the wake of terrorism: The role of temporal distance, ideology, and intergroup emotions. Personality and Individual Differences, 123, 65-75.

Choma, B. L., Jagayat, A., Sumantry, D., & Asrani, V. (2017). The ‘complex human problem’ that is prejudice. Social Justice Research, 30, 278-287.