Welcome to the Social and Political Psychology Lab!

About Us

The Social and Political Psychology (SPP) lab is housed in the Department of Psychology at X University in downtown Toronto and is directed by Dr. Becky Choma. Research in the lab broadly concerns the psychological study of tolerance and intolerance, including sociopolitical beliefs, and prejudice and discrimination.

Research Focus

Intergroup Relations &
Prejudice Reduction

Our work in intergroup relations studies underlying personal and contextual factors that create...

Misinformation & Social Media

In order to tackle misinformation on social media, our lab is conducting research and building tools to...

Ideology & Political Behaviour

Ideology is a powerful force in peoples’ lives. In our lab, we examine antecedents...

Thank you to SSHRC, Heritage Canada, and Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation for funding much of the research conducted by the SPP Lab