Welcome to the Memory and Decision Processes Lab!

About Us

The Memory & Decision Processes (MAD) Lab is housed in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto, and is directed by Dr. Julia Spaniol. Research in the MAD Lab uses behavioural and neuroscience techniques to study how motivation and emotion affect cognitive processes in younger and older adults.

Please visit the CARES website for more details on how to register: https://www.caresstudy.ca/

Recent News

January 2022: The MAD Lab welcomes its new research practicum student, Yusuf Ghauri!

November 2021: Mane Kara-Yakoubian received a Junior Researcher Networking Award from Women in Cognitive Science. Congratulations Mane!

October 2021: Erika Sparrow, who is graduating from the PhD program this fall, has accepted a permanent full-time position as a Research Impact Analyst at the University Health Network. Congratulations Erika!

September 2021: The MAD Lab launches the Canadian Adulthood and Retirement Study (https://www.caresstudy.ca)

September 2021: The MAD Lab welcomes new graduate student Aalim Makani and new 4th year thesis students Sana Junaid and Adrian Colbert!

August 2021: Erika Sparrow successfully defends her dissertation on ‘Social Decision Making in Younger and Older Adults’. Congratulations Erika!

August 2021: MAD Lab research on aging and altruism was discussed in the Wall Street Journal.

August 2021: Shadini Dematagoda received a Jackman Foundation Psychology Graduate Student Research Excellence Grant. Congratulations Shadini!

Research Focus

Affect and decision making

Motivational influences on attention and memory