Lab Publications

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Select Lab Publications

Studies about nicotine and alcohol interactions and addiction risk

Dermody, S. S., & Shiffman, S. (2019). The time-varying effect of alcohol use on cigarette smoking relapse risk. Addictive Behaviors, 102.

Dermody, S. S., Hendershot, C. S., Andrade, A. K., Novalen, M., & Tyndale, R. F. (2018). Changes in nicotine metabolite ratio among daily smokers receiving treatment for alcohol use disorder. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 22(2), 256-263.

Dermody, S. S., & Hendershot, C. S. (2017). A critical review of the effects of nicotine and alcohol coadministration in human laboratory studies. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 41(3), 473-486.

Dermody, S. S., Tidey, J. W., Denlinger, R. L., Pacek, L. R., al’Absi, M., Drobes, D. J., Hatsukami, D. K., Vandrey, R., & Donny, E. C. (2016). The impact of very low nicotine content cigarettes on alcohol use. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 40(3), 606-615.

Studies about nicotine reduction and public health

Dermody, S. S., Tessier, K. M., Meier, E., al’Absi, M., Denlinger-Apte, R. L., Drobes, D. J., Jensen, J., Koopmeiners, J. S., Pacek, L. R., Tidey, J. W., Vandrey, R., Donny, E. C., & Hatsukami, D. K. (2021). An evaluation of potential unintended consequences of a nicotine product standard: A focus on drinking history and outcomes. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 23(7), 1168-1175.

Cassidy, R. N., Tidey, J. W., Cao, Q., Colby, S. M., McClernon, F. J., Smith, T. T., Dermody, S. S., Koopmeiners, J. S., Jensen, J. A., Strayer, L. G., Donny, E. C., & Hatsukami, D. K. (2021). Responses to gradual and immediate reduction of nicotine in cigarettes in young versus older adult smokers. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 23(9), 1559-1566.

Carroll, D. M., Denlinger-Apte, R. L., Dermody, S. S., King, J. L., Mercincavage, M., Pacek, L. R., Smith, T. T., Tripp, H. L., White, C. M. (2021). Polarization within the field of tobacco and nicotine science and its potential impact on trainees. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 23, 36-39.

Carroll, D. M., Lindgren, B. R., Dermody, S. S., Denlinger-Apte, R. L., Egbert, A., Cassidy, R. N., Smith, T. T., Pacek, L. R., Allen, A. M., Tidey, J. W., Parks, M. J., Koopmeiners, J. S., Donny, E. C., & Hatsukami, D. K. (2021). Impact of nicotine reduction in cigarettes on smoking behaviour and exposure: Are there differences by race/ethnicity, education attainment, or gender? Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 225.

Carroll, D. M., Murphy, S. E., Benowitz, N. L., Strasser, A. A., Kotlyar, M., Hecht, S. S., Carmella, S. G., McClernon, F. J., Pacek, L. R., Dermody, S. S., Vandrey, R. G., Donny, E. C., & Hatsukami, D. K. (2020). Relationships between nicotine metabolite ratio and a comprehensive panel of exposure and effect biomarkers: Findings from two studies of U.S. commercial cigarette smokers. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, 29(4), 871-879. http://10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-19-0644

Dermody, S. S., McClernon, J. F., Benowitz, N., Luo, X., Tidey, J. W., Smith, T. T., Vandrey, R., Hatsukami, D., Donny. E. C. (2018). Effects of reduced nicotine content cigarettes on individual withdrawal symptoms over time and during abstinence. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 26(3), 223.

Rupprecht, L. E., Koopmeiners, J. S., Dermody, S. S., Oliver, J., al’Absi, M., Benowitz, N. L., Denlinger, R. L., Drobes, D., Hatsukami, D. K., McClernon, F. J., Pacek, L. R., Smith, T. T., Sved, A. F., Tidey, J. W., Vandrey, R., & Donny, E. C. (2016). Reduction of nicotine exposure results in weight gain in smokers randomized to very low nicotine content cigarettes. Tobacco Control, 26(e1), e43-e48.

Pacek, L. R., Vandrey, R., Dermody, S. S., Denlinger-Apte, R. L., Lemieux, A., Tidey, J. W., Drobes, D. J., al’Absi, M., Hatsukami, D. K., & Donny, E. C. (2016). Evaluation of a reduced nicotine product standard: Moderating effects of and impact on cannabis use. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 167, 228-232.

Tidey, J. W., Pacek, L. R., Koopmeiners, J. S., Vandrey, R., Nardone, N., Drobes, D. J., Benowitz, N. L., Dermody, S. S., Lemieux, A., Denlinger, R. L., Cassidy, R., al’Absi, M., Hatsukami, D. K, & Donny, E. C. (2016). Effects of 6-week use of reduced-nicotine content cigarettes in smokers with and without elevated depressive symptoms. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 19(1), 59-67.

Sexual minority health and well-being 

Dermody, S. S., Lamb, K. M., & Kerr, D. C. R. (2021). Heavy drinking and drinking harms for cisgender and transgender college students. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. Advance online publication.

Lamb, K. M., Stawski, R. S., & Dermody, S. S. (2021). Religious and spiritual development from adolescence to early adulthood in the U.S.: Changes over time and sexual orientation differences. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 50, 973-982.

Nguyen, N., McQuoid, J., Neilands, T. B., Dermody, S. S., Holmes, L. M., Ling, P. M., Pamela, M., & Thrul, J. (2020). Same-day use of cigarettes, alcohol, and cannabis among sexual minority and heterosexual young adult smokers. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 35(2), 215-223.

Dermody, S. S., McGinley, J., Eckstrand, K., & Marshal, M. P. (2019). Sexual minority female youth and substance use disparities across development. Journal of LGBT Youth17(2), 214-229.

Dermody, S. S. (2018). Risk of polysubstance use among sexual minority and heterosexual youth. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 192, 38-44.

Dermody, S. S., Marshal, M. P., Burton, C. M., Chisolm, D. J. (2016). Risk of heavy drinking among sexual minority adolescents: Indirect pathways through sexual orientation-related victimization and affiliation with substance-using peers. Addiction, 111(9), 1599-1606.

Dermody, S. S., Friedman, M. S., Burton, C. M., Chisolm, D. J., & Marshal, M. P. (2017). Elevated risky sexual behaviors among sexual minority girls: Indirect risk pathways through peer victimization and heavy drinking. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 35(11-12), 2236-2253.

Dermody, S. S., Marshal, M. P., Cheong, J., Chung, T., Stepp, S., & Hipwell, A.(2016). Risk of polysubstance use and co-occurring internalizing and externalizing symptoms among sexual minority girls. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 146.

Dermody, S. S., Marshal, M. P., Cheong, J., Chung, T., Stepp, S., & Hipwell, A.(2016). Adolescent sexual minority girls are at elevated risk for use of multiple substances. Substance Use & Misuse, 51(5), 574-585.

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